Created for the sole purpose of providing Information Technology and Internet services to the African continent, Integrated Logic Systems Africa, sarl is the African subsidiary of Integrated Logic Systems International Inc., Information Technology professionals, present on the US market for over 25 years.

ILS International are well known for the quality of their service and their professionalism throughout the US and Canada, as well as in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia where they had to intervene in various domains (see listing of private and public organizations for which directly or indirectly, the consultants of ILS International carried out projects).

Similarly, ILS Africa has the ambition to take on the African market which is in full expansion, and in great demand of advanced information technologies..

Morocco has been selected to host the African subsidiary company with the ambition to be the revolving door and entry point to all Africa.

ILS Africa aspire to be the provider of choice in terms of quality in Information Technologies and Internet services, for strong of the undeniable experience of ILS International.

Cité Essalam - GH14A Imm.96 N°6
Hay Hassani CASABLANCA - Morocco